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Internship Cherine

By: Cherine

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September 6th, 2018 Evelyn listened to my preferences on what kind of companies and tasks I'd like and eventually we found one that suits me the most. Stage-Australia also helps with the visa and insurance which is also nice, they were also very helpful regarding that. I didn't have to worry about that anymore. Overall, the service was very good and everyone was very helpful and responded fast to e-mails which was also great!

 The only thing that came a bit unexpected is that my partner and I, we both used the services of Stage-Australia, were placed into competing companies. Both of the companies we interned in didn't like it very much, which caused them to be hesitant into sharing any information, scared that we might use it against them. Another thing is that there as a miscommunication between the company I interned in and Stage-Australia. My contract stated I was supposed to do the marketing for the company, but they had other plans for me. Not sure where it went wrong, but it can't happen for other students in the future, as the internship with the tasks needs to be approved by the school. Now we managed to find a solution.