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Working Holiday Visa

The Work & Holiday visa is suitable for young people who would like to gain practical working experience in Australia. If you would like to apply for a Work & Holiday Visa, you will be able  to work for about 6 months at one company in Australia. The Work & Holiday visa allows you to stay in Australia for 12 months, which gives you the opportunity to travel and explore the country. You can apply for the Work & Holiday visa if you have not visited Australia with a Work & Holiday visa before and are between 18-30 years old.

With Stage-Australia you can expect:

  • A  training plan in line with your internship, graduation assignment, or traineeship
  • Professional guidance in putting together your personal documents
  • Information about the visa that is suitable for you
  • 24 hour a day support before and during your stay in Australia 
  • The possibility to extend your visa (subject to certain conditions; please contact a Stage-Australia representative for more information)
  Valid for a maximum of 12 months
Working Holiday Visa  €445

The Working Holiday Visa application takes just 2 business days. With this Visa, you can work for the same company for a maximum of 6 months. Many students go on a 5 month internship and travel through Australia afterwards. 

How does it work?

  1. Registration: Apply via the application form on our website
  2. Start & Payment: We will contact you and discuss the details during an intake interview. If you decide to start the visa process after the interview, we will send you an invoice with additional information about the visa application
  3. Application: Once we receive the required documents and the payment has been made, we will start with the visa application
  4. Confirmation: Once your visa is issued by the Immigration Department, we will send you a confirmation e-mail and electronic working holiday visa, which will be linked to your passport
  5. Flight and Arrival Package: Now you are ready to book your flight and arrival package (optional)