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Graduation Assignment

  Up to 6 months 6-12 months
Unpaid graduation assignment €695 €750
 Paid graduation assignment €950€1250

Includes: Housing support, visa support, helpdesk prior to and during your program
Excludes: Visa costs and introduction week.

The mediation costs listed above are all one time payments.

Monthly stipend for a paid internship up to 6 months: $300 up to $800 per month, or in the form of accommodation, mealplan or transportation cost.
Monthly stipend for a paid internship longer than 6 months: Starting at $500 per month or in the form of accommodation, mealplan or transportation cost.  

Payment Schedule

  1. Deposit: You will initially pay an upfront deposit of €450 – this will be charged once you have had your intake interview and have confirmed you will continue. There is no obligation or cost for applying or for the intake interview.
  2. Placement: When Stage-Australia has found a suitable program which you have approved, you will be charged the remainder of the fee, the deposit is deducted from this amount.
  3. Visa: Once your visa has been approved you will be invoiced for the cost of the visa application.

Housing Support

Stage-Australia assists you in finding accommodations for your internship. In some cities you will be able to live in student housing, in others, an apartment may be more suitable. Prices may vary but bear in mind the following guidelines:

  • Student room - $600 - $1000 AUD per month
  • Studio - $850 - $1500 AUD per month
  • Apartment - $1000 - $2000 AUD per month

You will receive a Stage-Australia information booklet with a guide to finding suitable accommodations. We provide assistance and support throughout your search for housing. We advise you to visit some different housing options during your introduction week to help you to make a more informed choice.