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Are you finished with your studies and wish to set yourself apart from the crowd before entering the workforce? Adding a traineeship in Australia to your resume is the best way to do this. These professional programs can range from 2 months to 6 months and payment is guaranteed! Included in the traineeship service is placement at a suitable company, visa arrangement, housing assistance, extra health insurance coverage, and flight assistance. 

What is a traineeship?

A traineeship provides you with a real work experience with individual responsibilities for a specified period of time. You will follow an intensive training program in your field, so you must be a highly motivated and hardworking person in order to qualify. Most traineeships run from 2-6 months.

Fields of Study

Stage-Australia offers traineeships in nearly every possible field in every level of college education. The educational backgrounds we can assist are as follows:

  • Marketing / Communications
  • Graphic design
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Film/TV  
  • Hospitality / Tourism
  • Fashion
  • Business / Management
  • Finance / Accounting
  • Facility Management
  • Technology / Engineering / Electrical
  • Legal
  • Logistics / Distribution
  • IT / Computer
  • Human Resources (HR)
  • International Business
  • Sports Management
  • Event Management

If your field is not listed, please contact

Time Period & Payment

There are not any specific dates to do a traineeship in Australia. You are able to go for a minimum of 2 months to a maximum of 6 months. You will work within the company for a minimum of 36 hours per week. Vacation days are sometimes offered but not guaranteed. We recommend that you apply at least 4-6 months before you intend to start your traineeship. We can accept students up to 1 month before their intended start date, but special terms & conditions will apply. Most traineeship payments vary from AUS$350 to over AUS$1200 per month. 

In addition to traineeships, we offer internships and graduation assignments.